Dear Customers,


Here is the history of Fashion for Freedom:


When I was 8, I wanted to sell online all of the clothes that were either too small for me or that just didn’t look good on me, personally. Then, my mom wanted to free 18 slaves, but I convinced her to free 100. When we did (finally!), we continued to learn about slaves, and that was one of the most important problems in the world for us.  So, I decided to donate a lot of money to freeing slaves, but I didn’t know how.


Then I realized: “Of course! I can donate money from a fashion website.” But there were so many things I hadn’t thought about for the website. For instance, how the heck was I going to put it online? (My brother, Emmett, became my partner and webmaster.) And when I was going to write my rough draft of this “about section”? I still didn’t know! But quickly, I thought of a name, a logo that’s hard to draw, and a slogan.  This website has clothes for girls only, because I don’t own any boys clothes (that I know about).  We give our “slave money” to Free the Slaves, an organization that has lots of volunteers and helpers and brings money all around the world to help rescue people and keep them free. They also prevent slavery through education.


When I turned 9, I was already thinking about my Bat Mitzvah project. I didn’t want to work with some charity that would forget me two seconds after I donated. I wanted to start one! Fashion for Freedom is that organization– the one that will forget you two seconds after you donate. (JK. I’ll forget you in three seconds. JK again.)


You’re probably wondering, “how old is this woman?” Well, guess what? I’m not a woman. And don’t go around telling people that a man owns a girls’ fashion website. I am a girl in fourth grade!!!!


With lots of fashion, silliness, and no more slaves,


Hannah Mathilda Weisz, age 9


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