Free the Slaves is an organization that not only frees slaves but helps them stay free. It also prevents free people from getting enslaved. All of the money that we make on this website goes to Free the Slaves, so please check it out! Also, you can donate directly to Free the Slaves by clicking the button above.

Slavery Footprint is an organization that helps you understand that companies - including clothing companies - use slave labor. We need to pay attention to the complete supply chain of products. Please visit to learn more about the items you buy every day, and take the survey to learn what your slavery footprint is (if slaves worked for you directly, how many would there be? Spoiler alert: a lot). Use your purchasing power to support companies that value freedom.

Rabbi Debra Orenstein is the rabbi of Congregation B'nai Israel in Emerson NJ. She also volunteers with Free the Slaves. She happens to be my mom, and helps me with Fashion for Freedom. She has an awesome website,, with lots of cool stuff. Enjoy!

Craig Weisz is a photographer and professional video editor. He sells his pictures on his website, Craig Weisz Photography. He is my dad and takes all of the photos and videos for Fashion for Freedom. Other than Fashion for Freedom, he mostly takes photos of nature. See his pictures at Craig Weisz Photography!

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