Our Pledge

            We are a three-part community: you, us, and Free the Slaves (the organization that receives all the money).


            F.F.F. promises to give you full satisfaction with your dance wear, school clothes, swimsuits, formal wear, and more. We all understand the importance of freedom, and we also understand the importance of fashion. From learning about slaves, we know that sometimes “trading” isn’t the best thing. But when you use Fashion for Freedom you are trading in the best way possible. Instead of having three people involved with one unhappy, we have three people and all are proud of the trade.


            Now, why are you sitting here reading all of this stuff? Let’s talk about fashion! Fashion for Freedom makes online shopping more satisfying and less indulgent. Fashion is meant to make your personality shine.


            So anyway, back to our pledge: we will never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever (you see where this is going, don’t you?) use any of the money you send for ourselves or anyone besides the slaves and the people who need money to help them.


            But we are not telling you to give all your money to the poor and the needy, because soon you would be the poor and the needy. And what a tragedy! You wouldn’t be able to get those awesome jeans. Seriously, please give whatever you can, so you will still be fine, and they will be fine also.


Peace, Love, and Fashion for Freedom,

Hannah Mathilda Weisz (with approval from Debra Orenstein)


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