Black Ballet Shoes

SKU: 61
  • Black is back with these shoes! They are good for wearing, well, when you dance. This is not the classic color, so if your dance teacher wants the traditional color, get our pink ballet shoes instead at this link.

  • We are sure that you will love this product! But just in case you don't, we hope that you will feel good about the fact that all the proceeds from our site go to Free the Slaves, and then pass on your "treasure" to someone else who will fit with it better - either in size or in style. However, if you receive anything that doesn't suit you because it has a flaw that is not mentioned in the description (as in a stain or tear), that was our mistake (big, unusual, embarrassing oops!), or if you do not receive your item, please let us know by using the contact form. In that case, we will offer you another item of similar value, or accept your return for a refund.

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